Thursday, February 5, 2015

Java: Telnet Client

I was going through my personal projects in search for a topic to write for this blog when I stumbled upon this very old codes.

I wrote this back in Year 2003 and that was 12 years ago!

Back then, I was learning Java and somehow got hooked on reading RFCs. So, I guess it was natural for me to write a Telnet Client based on Telnet RFCs. I have to admit upfront that I did not implement all of them, but basic things do work :)


Just for the fun of it, I installed a telnet server on a CentOS 7 VM image and had the Telnet Client connects to it.

Guess what? It still works (phew :).


If you want to have a good laugh on some codes written by a Java newbie back in Year 2003, you can download it here.

Happy hacking!

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