Sunday, July 23, 2017

Perfect End-to-End Data Platform for Today (IMHO)

Hi Guys,
I am back (like Superman :)!!

I had been bogged down with work, family and health issues for past 1+ year. But then, I decided that my passion for technology is too great for me to stop sharing :)

So, here we go again...this time, get ready for more interesting stuff that I learned in the past year.


Now, let me start by sharing a data platform diagram that I have based my past year's learning on...

** At the DATA STORAGE layer, I am still contemplating which NoSQL database to select.

Before you get too excited or disappointed, let me just say that this is a platform that "I" think is perfect (and I am still constantly re-adjusting by adding/removing technologies) for today.

Each and individual selected technology is the cream of the crop. I do not declare that they are perfect, but then they are good enough to perform the work consistently well.

Everyone of them plays a specific role from the source to the destination (reporting).

I am still learning most (if not all) of them, so stay tuned for more exciting sharing!

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